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Should my business be on social media?

Many would say it is obvious a resounding YES! Your business should be on social media. But I will sneak in a NO in there. Before you run to Facebook and open a page and a Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and 300 other social media accounts. I have a few questions for you to answer. What

Brand Storytelling , Branding
This is what branding is

1. Branding is all about value add. Branding is a promise, a guarantee you are offering your clientele. When you are shining shoes like Rashid in the shop next to you; what value is your service adding that will make people choose you over Rashid other than your great personality? BRAND PROMISE TO ROSE PROMISE

Brand Storytelling , Branding

Some websites do look like a 3 year old had a fun day with glitter. Blinding with a rainbow of colours, and then we have the sites that look like thesis statements – bland background and nothing but words. Words are great because they communicate. But in the world we live in with shortening attention

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