Of Friends, Climate Change and Alchoblow

Saturday was absolutely amazing. I got to catch up with my good friend and phenomenal environmental journalist Sophie Mbugua. It was so great catching up after years. We talked about tonnes of things. Sophie is extremely passionate about Sustainable cities, it seems like a very abstract; UN conference discussion which bears no wait on Africa

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Living My Dream: Let’s Be Honest

I had a series of interviews a few weeks ago. I will share my experience with two of them. When I was called to schedule the interviews I was filled with dread. I have never really liked interviews, they remind me of the uncomfortable conversations I used to have with my dreaded paternal grandmother. Nyar

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The Rhythm of Depression

“Depression is real. It’s like a thick cloud that refuses to ease up, it starts as a simple cover that doesn’t dissipate. It solidifies and drops like a boulder on your shoulders piercing into your mind and soul. It never seems to let up. There are moments it lifts after a series of exasperating heaves

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