Adulting Starter Pack

Adulting Starter Pack is a programme for young university and college graduates ready to take on the world but are not sure how.

Adulting Starter Pack is designed to your needs, with no boring lectures, no judgement, and mockery for dreaming “too big”. We encourage you to dream big and give you the tools to pursue your big dream!

Adulting Starter Pack is your opportunity to open your heart and mind in a safe space to chart a new path for this new chapter in your life.


  1. 1. Build critical, logical, creative, and analytical thinking;

2. Set personal goals for yourself;

3. Prepare yourself for the job market;

4. Learn basic social skills to manage human relationships in professional and social settings; and

5. Learn to be receptive and respectful of divergent viewpoints.


1. Refreshed CVs and cover letters;

2. Clear and concise vision boards;

3. Develop personal financial plans;

4. Develop a job application strategy; and

5. One-on-one and group mentorship.

If you want to know more about the programme, email or call +254 745 492445.

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