Flash Fiction , Mkate Nusu , Slice of life
Damaged Souls

The bell rung and the school was lit up by the sound of joyful screaming. Children dashed out from class; some heading for the school tuck shop to grab some snacks; others straight for the fields to continue with the games they were playing earlier. Maurice stayed in class; he wasn’t able to run out

Flash Fiction , Mkate Nusu
Herculean Snap!

“Now let’s move to the shallow end of the pool!” The Aqua Zumba instructor called out. Andrew bobbed around in the pool waiting for the next set of instructions. His pecs bulged out of his chest exaggeratedly, his rock firm thighs striding gracefully through the water. The man was clueless at what was happening behind

Flash Fiction , Mkate Nusu
Murphy’s Bitch

Kimani rolled his eyes at his phone and tucked it back in to his trouser pocket. “Not again,” he hissed as he marched into the lift at his office building. Another darn day. The past few days had been particularly challenging at work. It was like all the good karma had taken a break and

Flash Fiction , Mkate Nusu
Still Searching

Sherry looked down at her clothes as the car sped by, hands spread out on either side, face dripping from a dirty gooey residue. Her groan was subdued for an instant and then steadily increased in pitch steadily growing from an alto to a deafening prolonged soprano. People passed her by only taking a glimpse

Flash Fiction , Mkate Nusu
Tick Tock

Aluoch lifted her head from the pillow struggling to open her eyes. The sun was now piercing through the blinds. She squinted her eyes and pursed her lips together fighting to wake up. Her head fell back violently to the pillow and she pulled the duvet over her head. Her alarm clock went off again,

Flash Fiction , Mkate Nusu
Erotic Trauma

Candy was on the pole upside down with her glass heels piercing the air, she was jiggling her butt as she always did at happy hour. The crowd was wild like blood hounds, tongues wagging, 1,000 shilling notes showering down on her. Candy was a special stripper; no one was allowed to touch her or

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