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For 16 years I have worked in the world of communications. It all began with copywriting, and soon evolved to Journalism and in 2016, I was finally published as a co-author in a powerful anthology, Femmolution. I initially thought I should “get serious” and stick to one field. But the more I pulled to either copywriting, short stories or journalism as an independent field, the more I felt unfulfilled. I realised being able to do all three is what keeps me fulfilled. Journalism, Copywriting and Fiction Writing make my storytelling triage. A triage I use, every day, to build the next generation of African stories and brands.

Stories fuel your business

Every time you convince a customer to buy your product, run an event, induct your employees; you are sharing a vision - your story. It is a story that demonstrates the greatness of your product and company.

Expressing yourself

At times, you may have the story in your mind, but how to express it to your target consumer, your employee, at a press conference or in a speech can be baffling. That’s where I come in, I work with established business people to build their existing brands through clear, concise, relevant and accurate messaging. This is Brand communication, which grows top of mind awareness and bolsters sales and loyalty to your brands.

Here for you

Whether it is website content, company newsletters, digital strategy, a speech, staff training or brand marketing; I am here to work with you to grow your brand.

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The LEAP Network

James Karundu

Maarifa school

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About Me

Every evening, at dinner, my parents used to tell us funny stories mostly about their childhood. I looked forward to those stories. I soon realised in life everything we see, hear or experience is a story. Stories allow us to explore countries and world’s we may have never imagined could exist. Stories endear us to brands that we are hooked on buying even when it makes no logical sense. Stories are the fuel of life.

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What's in store for you


Content creation

I will work with you to grow organic traffic to your digital platforms through continuous content generation, from blog posts, website content to social media posts.


Brand communication, strategy development

I will work with you to create and develop brand communication, which has a strong emotional connection with your target consumer.



I will work with you to create a compelling product or service that converts your target consumer into a brand ambassador. It’s all about the art of persuasion.

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