The room was green, the music was pulsating and people were jostling around Tindi rushing to get in. Tindi cautiously clutched on her bag and inched to a bar stool she saw at the counter. She had preferred the lounge seats but she didn’t like the look of the company seated in the area.

“Sema mrembo,” a stunning bright eyed chocolate man garbed in a branded black shirt prompted her to make an order. Tindi smiled sheepishly and responded,

“Tusker malt. Cold. Please.” She gestured with her index finger in the air, she only wanted one bottle. She looked around her, the dance floor was packed it was sweat and lust having it’s way.  Something tickled Tindi’s nostril and she sneezed, a balloon of mucus emerged from her nostrils. She quickly covered her nose with one hand and rummaged through her clutch bag to get her handkerchief. She couldn’t find it. Her eyes began to shift hoping that no one would see her, especially the gorgeous bartender serving her. No handkerchief. She pulled out a pack of wet wipes. She cleaned herself up, looked at the mirror in her bag. There was a slight line of mucus she left with her last wipe. Just as she was lifting the last wet wipe to her face to wipe it. She heard,

“Here. Is everthing…”

“yes”, Tindi quickly turned interrupting the bartender and turning with a mucus smile. He cringed and pointed.

She was so embarrassed she wiped off the mucus and for a few minutes couldn’t lift her head up from the embarrassment. The bartender went about his business. Tindi didn’t want to look up ever again. She sipped on her cold beer as she looked faced down at the counter. Just as she was wrapping up her first bottle of beer, the music started to shift from Afro pop to House, her favourite.

She turned round from the bar and faced the crowd now steadily fizzling out from the dance floor. She started to bob her heels and swerve from side to side to the beat.

“Don’t be shy now, the dance floor’s calling. I can see that.” The deep husky voice was back. Mr. Chocolate bartender was nudging her. She smiled and bit her lower lip and continued to bob her head. The music’s seduction was getting stronger.

“Come on girl! You are in a club that’s what you are here for!” the bartender egged her on. Tindi locked eyes with him and lifted off the bar stool ready to launch off for the dance floor and then she heard a ripping sound. She closed her eyes pursed her lips and cursed. She touched the back of her dress. It was ripped open and everyone at the bar and in range behind her gasped others pointed and laughed. If she thought the mucus was bad, there was no redemption from this. She sat back on the bar stool pondering her next move.