I was looking for images of a good friend to share on my blog, when I came across a series of SD cards of images I have taken over the past 7 years or so, with borrowed cameras and my camera.

A few years ago, I shared some images with a friend who castigated me for not sharing some of these great pictures on social media. I honestly tolerate social media for what it offers in terms of connections, opportunities etc. But I am honestly too lazy sometimes to share.

But going through those images one after the other, I decided to pick out a few images each week to share stories behind the images.

Today’s unedited image goes way back to 2017, I bought my first DSLR semi-professional camera in December 2016. I started taking it out for test drives in early 2017, most of my photos were terrible. I genuinely had gotten rusty not taking photos that often, I was also shy about getting into people’s space, I didn’t know how to use light that well. But we all have to start somewhere right?

To be honest, my journey with photography has been on and off, there are moments I love it. Then there are moments like this December where I just handed over my camera to my nephew and nieces to take photos cause I wasn’t bothered. Sometimes, when I lift my camera it feels more like work, other times it is like a budding romance, I can’t stop seeing the world through its lens.

Anyhoo, the photo I will share goes back to one of those sadly shot images in 2017. My best friend, Mwikali Ndambo, was a chocolate maker and chocolatier at the time, and she wanted to learn more from a visiting renowned Belgian Chocolate maker and chocolatier; Laurent Gerbaud. Mwikali got us the tickets and we enjoyed the chocolate tasting, she also got the opportunity to chat with Laurent.

This image is one of the decent ones, Lord, looking through these images almost 5 years old makes me shudder.