Last year I went to Diani for a break. I opted to visit the South Coast of Kenya because I hadn’t explored it. The only time I had been to Diani was on an office retreat over a decade earlier. I was not disappointed. The hotel  I went to had a package deal to go snorkelling in Wasini Islands known to be home to dolphins and a great site to see the various types of coral and sea turtles. I had never snorkelled and I am generally paranoid about the ocean, but I took the leap of faith and went. Our ride arrived at 7 am, and off we went from the hotel to Wasini Island which was about one and a half hours drive away. We got into a rustic Dhow, Almasi (diamond in Swahili) and off we went. We were offered some mandazi and black tea as we settled into the dhow and it steadily made its way to the first snorkelling location about two hours away. Before we even got out of the boat what do we see? These beautiful mammals swimming in schools; Dolphins!! It was breathtaking! We snapped so many photos and I have to also tell you, we also got an opportunity when we were snorkelling, to snorkel right above them. When they are not coming up for oxygen, they normally swim closer to the ocean floor. We got a chance to see entire schools swimming together beneath as we snorkelled. It was amazing! Even thinking about it now gives me chills. I just wish more Kenyans got to see this wonder, nature is beautiful in its habitat. We need to take care of them.