I have been racking my brain about entry-level investment options aside from the usual treasury bills, money markets and unit trusts. Real estate seems a bit too expensive for now. Land purchase for speculative purposes is more long term and it’s not really what I would like to jump into now.

I would like to build a diversified investment portfolio but I am not quite sure who to trust and where to build up from with what I have.

In 2018 I was given the contacts of someone who I thought would serve as my Investment specialist. Someone who had vast knowledge of investments across various areas of money markets, unit trusts, other forms of financial securities, real estate, even angel investment in startups, pretty much anything sensible to build up investment for short, medium and long term returns.

The contact person I was referred to was a former insurance broker who had moved on to advertising. There was only so much of a conversation to be had when I called. So I decided why not, I have seen a tonne of adverts, I thought I would reach out to Standard Investment Bank and get more details on Mansa X – because I was interested in trading in commodities and in global stock markets.

After the 30 minute call I had with the salespeople, a general population I approach with tonnes of scepticism, I was left unsure. Salespeople need to make a commission so persuasion is the name of the game. It’s never so much about actually caring about what you need. It’s about locking the sale and the commission. Not trusting salespeople and reading some articles about Mansa X on some Kenyan blogs, pushed it to the back burner.

I have been relentlessly looking at land sales and rates, and group developments across SACCOs and real estate firms and I am not quite sure.I work hard for my money and at this juncture, I am genuinely concerned about being shafted. I genuinely don’t know what or who to trust right now as everyone’s out to make a quick bob from people.

My post today isn’t about some grand insight as it is more to ask a simple question, do you know genuine trustworthy specialists in portfolio management and investment in Kenya? People who can offer vast knowledge and expertise as I build my infantile investment portfolio? I need your help, referrals would be great, preferably the ones who are not fast-talking salespersons.