As the year comes to an end there is a lot I am saddened by, but I also find there is something to celebrate. Initially, I thought the year would end I would have absolutely nothing to show for it at all. Then through the fits and starts, Mary, my good pal kept nudging me to keep recording these podcast episodes, my best friend Mwikali kept pushing us to just start and share our podcast episodes which I was completely apprehensive about at the beginning, but now, here we are!

We launched season one of our very first podcast; LET’S BE HONEST with Rose and Mary. It is an honest, unapologetic and frank discussion lead by two friends; Rose and Mary and a variety of remarkable guests. Our goal is simple; change the way we think about AFRICA! One phenomenal conversation at a time on a podcast.

Talking to Amunga “The Great” Eshuchi gave me a lot of pause. We all want to change our lives and our world in our little ways. It may sound very naïve and idealistic but it can happen with the smallest of ways. Amunga talks about his struggle to fight for the right to depict Africa and African’s honestly and with dignity. Especially when he is working with development organisations. By nature, we have always associated the development world photos as development porn for a reason. It’s images that make the recipient audiences feel obligated to save the “poor African”  tapping on “white guilt.

But Amunga’s learnt to go beyond that, to show the story behind the situation to show the humanity in what he is doing. Images that inspire hope and encourage people to be part of a positive impact and not obligated through guilt.

Amunga sums up his philosophy pretty well in his TED X talk Context is Freedom.

I feel like Amunga’s story is like all of ours, we all struggle to do the right thing and stand for what we believe in. At times it is easy to stand on your principles, then at times, you are tempted to compromise from time to time just to ensure you can get by. But if your foundation is strong enough, and you have the necessary support from those closest to you, you adhere to your principles slowly drawing more like-minded people to you. People who will allow you to do both; earn a decent living and also make a difference with your talent. But is a steady fight of persistence and consistency which isn’t always easy or a choice for many.


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