I don’t know why but I found myself Google searching Serena Williams, I never really paid attention to tennis, to be honest. Every time I would hear Wimbledon, all I would think is oh! Serena Williams, she’s nailed it. In my mind, I knew it was a given she would win.

Then I watched this interview and understood just how hard she has worked quite literally ALL.HER.LIFE. And it blew my mind. One thing I am learning to do in this life is respect people for their staying power. I am not a Beyonce Fan, but every time I listen to Destiny Child circa 2001 when I was in High School, I am blown away with Beyonce ’s ability to stay relevant and still be so diligent and dedicated to her craft.

It gave me pause today in the gym, how much time and energy am I putting into my craft and in all the other things I do? Where’s the excellence, what do I define as excellence?

I can bitch and moan or spend more time on my phone like some people in the gym do. Or just focus on diligently going through the workouts and deliberately eating (cough) better. I know it’s just day 3 in the gym, but diet, Shoh! Lord! I know I need to really watch what I consume. I have been an emotional eater most of my life, so stress triggers the need for grease or sugar, so I need to work on that.

I guess the word for the rest of the year for me to keep me focused is, EXCELLENCE! I need to define excellence in all that I do, no matter how irrelevant or significant it may seem. This is another step in the chapter of being a better version of myself.