“This is self-inflicted punishment”, Rachael remarked.

“What is?” Dot retorted.

“Drinking coffee to stay awake and binge watch episodes of Prison Break!”

“You’ll live.” Dot was dismissive.

“I haven’t worked all week. I keep running to the bathroom to sit on the can and sleep.”

“That’s gross”, Dot snorted.

“You have no idea! The occasional stench in here wakes me up from my slumber, but you know, you have to do what you got to do to enjoy the Scofield and Tancredi love story.” Rachael proudly explains.

A series of toilet flushes silences their conversation.

“Dot! Dot?! Did you just leave me talking to myself?”

A splash was heard in the next cubicle.

“Ah! Right! The constipation is finally cured I hear and damn! Smell! What the hell have you been eating?” Racheal begins to cough and fan herself with her hands.

“I can’t really tell, but whatever I ate last night finally gave my body the roughage it needed.” Dot heaved out.

Rachael couldn’t take the stench; she flushed the loo and went to wash her hands at the sink watching people’s countenances shift to cringes from the ‘mustard gas’ emanating from Dot’s body.

Rachael opted to smoke a cigarette to fan off the lingering stench in her nostrils. After a few drags, she felt better and tossed her cigarette in the bin.

“Catch you at your desk!” Rachael called out to Dot!

“Ok!” Dot yelled back.

After about five minutes the room got hazy, Rachael figured it was time for another nap and headed toward the bathrooms. As she walked toward the loos she realized it wasn’t her sleepiness, the room was getting smoky. She pushed the door leading to the bathrooms and Dot emerged with others coughing covering their mouths as smoke filled the air, smoke detectors going off quickly followed by sprinklers. People now running to the exits.

“What the hell?” Dot coughed

“What?” Racheal was oblivious.

“Did you put out the cigarette you smoked?”

“Yeah, I threw it in the…..” Rachael smiled cheekily realizing what had just happened.

Dot gave Rachael a side eye.

“Oh! Well, home time! Now I can get that nap after all.”

“For shame Rachael, for shame!”