It was 10.19 pm and Gertrude stared at the static on her TV screen; another day of nothing. Nothing substantial had happened at work, she drummed away at her computer screen till clock out. She got home, made dinner, which was also not much work. She opened the fridge picked some leftovers from the night before, popped them in the microwave and voila! Dinner!

Gertrude plunked herself in front of the TV screen eyes opened and focused on the images but her mind was far away. She replayed the day, “what the hell did I do all day?” she repeatedly thought to herself.

She cradled her belly and pressed her chin against her neck – “Oh! My god! Neck fat, this can’t get any worse” Gertrude thought as she peeled off her blouse looking at her breasts. She smiled proud of her double D’s but disgusted by the fat which they rested on.  She cupped her fat with both hands.

“One for each hand,” Gertrude thought as she grabbed her belly fat. Shaking her head, she lifted her shirt from the couch, carried her plate and placed it in the kitchen sink. She walked across the hall to her room. She opened her wardrobe door to see the full length mirror and peeled off her trousers. She stared at herself from head to toe as if she was staring at a picture. She let her hands explore her body, she swept her hand down her body and laughed.

“It’s like playing the accordion,” Gertrude chuckled and did it repeatedly making funny quacking sounds. She twirled herself around and looked at her derriere.

“Why couldn’t I get Mama’s ass. I got Dad’s flat concave butt! How does that even happen to an African?” She chuckled again swiping her hands down her sides while making the accordion sound.

“The moment of truth,” Gertrude uttered as she peeled off her bra and her undies and stood in all her glory. “I am beautifully and wonderfully made, with a soft spot for fried food and no exercise.” She laughed hysterically.

Gertrude hunched over and flexed as she wiggled around. “Look I can fly!” She yelled sarcastically as her breasts made a smacking sound against her chest.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the beeping of a WhatsApp message from her best friend,

“I was thinking today about what we talk about, losing weight and all. And I get it, it is important that we take care of our health. But we also need to learn to love and appreciate who we are as we are now. You shouldn’t just love yourself when you are a size 6. You need to love yourself when you are a fabulous 18. Just thought I would share. Love you loads! Good night!”

Gertrude hunched over, the smirk on her face from all the self-mockery faded, she sat on her bed and cried. That’s all she needed to hear.