Apondi felt light-headed, she tried to lie down but she couldn’t there was something pulling her body off her bed and drawing her into an unusual light. She was confused and curious not afraid. She seemed drawn to the light, as she floated closer and closer to it, she could hear some distance hustle and beeping.

She seemed to get further and further from it, and soon all she could hear was a distant persistent sharp beep. As she floated closer, to what seemed the source of the light, she felt a burning sensation on her chest which thrust her chest upward leaving her appendages to hang unusually.

She turned back to see where the now irritating beep was coming from, it was all white behind her too, but a dull sad white, not as radiant as the one she was floating towards. Again, her chest thrust upward and the radiation permitted. She shook her head wondering what the eerie feeling was now. The radiant light started to fade. A final thrust of her chest and it all went dark. She felt a violent yank and she woke up with a violent gasp and cough.

There was the dull light she had seen earlier. She wasn’t floating; she could feel the bed linen against her skin. She wiggled her wrist, on her left hand she felt something, she raised it and it was a plastic bracelet with her name on it.

There was an awkward looking face inching towards her she pushed her head into the cold surface.

“Do you know where you are Apondi?” it was a man, his voice was unusually muffled.

She stared blankly. The man peeled off his surgical mask.

“I am Dr Suraya. You are in the hospital. You gave us a little scare. But we are glad you are here. We are going to put you back to sleep shortly so we can wheel you to the ICU where your family can see you. Would you like that?”

Apondi nodded nonchalantly, she was still trying to wrap her head around all of what had just happened.

Just before she could continue to process what was going on, she took a deep breath her eyes rolled back and she fell asleep.

After what felt like hours, Apondi could hear the irritating distant beeping again, her vision was blurred, but she could make out a distant voice. It sounded warm, not like the doctor’s like it had love in it. She felt a tender touch on her hand. And something wet on her cheek. And then a warm rub on her hand again. She blinked a couple of times. Her eyes revealing an elderly and beautiful face – a familiar face, a familiar smile which made Apondi smile.

The smile turned into a tearful laughter and another wet suction sensation on her cheek.

“Mama?” Apondi managed to utter.

The woman nodded and began to pray, “Thank you, father, for bringing Apondi back to us…”

Apondi faded back into a peaceful slumber as Mama prayed.