Yesterday after a conversation with a friend, it really got me thinking. A lot of people need websites up, but most of the web developers aren’t necessarily storytellers. There is a demand to create quality content unique to each person and company’s website. But I realise now, lots of people and companies building their online presence now, just don’t understand this.

I know the first thing everyone looks at, in this market, is cost. This is understandable because you do need to walk in with a budget in mind. And your investment in the process needs to translate into a return on investment somehow, with this web presence.

In my last post, I talked about what it takes to actually write. You can read more here. Today what I want to touch on is what kind of content you need to place on your site.

Start with the Why?

Simon Sinek wrote an entire book about this. The reality is, we live in a world already oversaturated in all kinds of information. People don’t want to be sold to, they want to be entertained and innately need to build community, and this is becoming an essential part of marketing strategy.

You can no longer believe in hard sells, you really need to convince people not through gimmickry but honesty to want to be part of your community. When I know why you do what you do, I am more likely to want to keep hearing what you have to say. This is my why.




Educate people on your craft

The general presumption is that people will understand what you do and those who need your services will deliberately seek you out. For the duration I have been creating web content I realise now, a lot of people don’t understand that content creation and storytelling is a craft. It isn’t something you can call up your 12-year-old to do unless of course, they are immensely gifted. You need to begin to educate people on what you do. One blog post at a time such as this, or you can employ it on your social media platforms with Q & A or even workshops and videos.


Show them who you are

The reason, why at times I will have personal commentary on my blog, personal reflections and very candid personal experiences and fiction pieces on my blog isn’t to dazzle you. All this writing is what I am about.

It makes no sense to preach consistency of content creation to a client when I don’t do it myself. Secondly, I am more than just a content creator for businesses. I am foremost a storyteller, content creation is the business model I have developed from an already existing gift and life purpose. There is no need to limit myself by giving a to-do list of do’s and don’ts in content creation. I’d rather share who I really am as a storyteller for you to explore. Because once you do experience it through a variety of my posts, you can then make the decision to see whether I am worthy of your time or not.