Today’s my birthday! Woohoo! Whip our the cake fancy hats and sing! Today I am grateful for so many things, some seemingly simple but for some reason this year, I don’t take it for granted.

  1. I am just glad to be alive, there were moment’s life didn’t make sense but being able to see its beauty in people and nature makes everything worthwhile.
  2. I feel like I have another chance at being the best I can be. Lord knows He’s given me millions of chances for a do-over, I am glad he gave me this chance.
  3. I am glad I am surrounded by love starting with my mother, (who I always have to remind on my birthday. I don’t mind because her reaction is so hilarious, “I gave birth to you why do I always forget, I love you, my child.” My mum is the best!) my siblings, my BFF XOXO and other super awesome friends who hold my hand and slap some sense into me when I go off track.
  4. I am glad I have hope and faith in another day, after endless years of questioning my reason to live, I thank God he gives me a reason every day.
  5. I am grateful for laughter, anyone who knows me, knows I roar in laughter. Laughter is like a blanket for my soul; it warms me up and makes me comfortable in my skin.
  6. I am grateful for the mistakes I have learnt, some have been embarrassing but learning from them has made me a better person today.
  7. I am grateful for sanity; in the world, we live in a lot can drive you crazy, but being able to sleep and wake up and function daily is a fete we can’t overlook.
  8. I am grateful for school; I have some amazing lecturers who challenge me every day. Their brilliance, generosity and drive revives me every class. It challenges me to do and be more than I am daily.
  9. I am grateful for elephants, I know this is part of nature, but there is something about watching baby elephants (thank you Mwikali for taking me to David Sheldrick centre) play in the mud and wolf down about 20 litres of milk each, make life exciting.
  10. I am grateful I was born both a woman and African especially Kenyan. It is a gift that challenges me to leave a new legacy of hope and bring about change which will demonstrate to generations to come, the real power of African women.
  11. I am grateful for my gifting as a writer, I know it has been underutilized over time, but this will change this year. Keep your eyes peeled!
  12. I am also grateful for my heavily underutilized voice, this too will change this year. You will hear more of me.