I am back on the writing trail and I need to keep at it. I was aptly reminded by this article yesterday. But today I wasn’t quite sure what to write. And in most cases when I feel that way, the next stop is a TED talk. And I came across a video which did two things; excited me and gave me hope.

Excited me because, I was seeing progression in my great country, a sign of the continual progress of industrialization despite general government laggard and incompetence. I saw hope, because I knew the next generation of Kenyans will be taken care of with more great minds like Kamau Gachigi.

A few years ago, I came across a disturbing figure; Kenya only spends 0.8 percent of its GDP on research. I almost collapsed, no wonder we are not moving at the growth pace we should. Yes, some countries may spend slightly more or even less, but look at the figure against their GDP which is much higher. How do you expect to become a middle income and industrialized state if you barely invest in research?

A friend of mine also pointed out the quality of education and the failure of Kenyan Universities to provide and invest in extensive and relentless research across spheres.

“When was the last time you read, heard or came across a powerful research paper emerging from the local university which the government implemented?” My friend’s question gave me pause.

For years I heard about numerous Kenyans, brilliant minds, providing powerful research papers which have never been used, why? Because of the corruption; not just of the system but our minds which have been deceived into the concept of scarcity. There is a general feeling that the gain of one person is an automatic loss to another, no matter whether you look at it in terms of politics, business or even in various social spheres, Kenyan psyche is configured in Zero Sum mode.  And nothing good comes from this, we know this too well.


For how long will we allow the country to crumble at the hands of those thirsty to plunder? When I watched this TED Talk, I realised, the answer is, not for long. The clock is ticking, the new wave is taking over, Kenyans are powering through the noise, the chaos, and the pollution of minds and our environment to birth a solution to the madness which has held us back for too long.

I know there are more Kamau’s out there; it’s time I found them. I can’t wait to meet Kamau and share his powerful story and mission transforming lives one day at a time. This is Kenya’s time and no one or thing can no longer hold her back! Go Kenya!