Yesterday evening, I was feeling kind of blue; something told me to pick up my camera. I had no idea what I was going to shoot till I opened the curtain and sheers in my room and there it was, in all its beauty.


I am still learning the ropes of photography; I bought myself a camera and two lenses as a Christmas gift in 2016. But I didn’t shoot as much as I should have in 2017. I intend to change this. I just realized I planned a lot of things but never let it all come naturally as it did yesterday night.

I decided to play around with the manual settings figure to out what each shot would produce. This is raw, I haven’t touched it up, which may be obvious to the pros. But hey! We all start somewhere!


Nikon 55-200mm lens


1/40 seconds

ISO 4000

Nikon 55-200mm lens


1/60 seconds

ISO 5000