2017 had a very interesting start and end for me. Most of the goals that I set out to achieve went unaccomplished. I beat myself up about that, then stopped. Because I realised something greater.

I may not have accomplished what I intended, but I did learn a whole lot of things, It is on this premise that I decided to start a blog series every Friday from today touching on some of these powerful lessons.

Some lessons may be deep and profound, others may be quite matter-of-fact. It doesn’t matter, The lessons are all around us, we just need to pay more attention and see the lesson in every failure, misconception, loss, confusion, hurt, despair. Because there always is. They exist so we can learn from them and grow.

The lessons come when we truly and honestly ask ourselves one simple question each day. “What did I learn today?”

I spoke to a few friends, who were gracious enough to share some of their most powerful lessons from 2017 with me, Lessons I believe we can all learn from and inspire each other as we get started in 2018.

If you would also like to be part of this series, you can drop me an email on ask@roseodengo.com.


Liz is one of Kenya’s few, and I mean few, Entertainment and IP Lawyers on a mission to build and protect Kenya’s rising IP.

Here are a few lessons from her:

  1. 1. Life is easier when you do not hold grudges.

2. Relationships always encounter differences but that should not stand in the way of experiencing life and making lasting friendships, either genuine or for convenience.

  1. 3. People are also in our lives for seasons… for a purpose. When that purpose is fulfilled, they move on and so do you.
  2. 4. Make the most of life in that moment. Do not overthink things and roll with the punches.