Chero had been trying to wake up for the last two hours.

“5 more minutes” she would mutter as she slammed the snooze button on her alarm. At 10 am she eventually arose with a huge yawn and stretch. She slipped on her slippers and went straight to the bathroom to relieve her bladder of the night’s build up.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” She exclaimed gleefully as she wrapped up, flushed the loo and stepped into the shower.

She let the water run for a few minutes to heat up. Chero stretched again, groaning as she felt those sleepy muscles awake.

“Yeah! That feels good.” She blurted as she grinned sheepishly from the relieving effects of the stretch. Chero eased into the shower face first letting the water flow down her face to wake her up. She was absolutely exhausted. She then inched the rest of her body into the shower enjoying the flow of water down her body. She sighed in pleasure as the water streamed down her body.

Chero reached out for the soap and lathered up. She began to bellow out a tune with her rich alto,

“Unbreak my heart, say you’ll love me again. Undo this hurt that you caused when you walked out the door and walked out of my life….”

As Chero began to crescendo, the shower dried up, with soap all over her face; stinging her eyes, she carefully stepped out of the shower and reached out for a towel on the rack near the sink. She missed, slipped and fell on the floor with a huge thud! And Groan. She slithered into an upright position and reached out to for the towel again. She grabbed something; it seemed wide like a fleshy tree trunk.

Chero quickly withdrew her hand and slid back into the shower. She used the shower curtain to wipe the soap from her now watery eyes.

“Who is that?”

No response.

“What is that? I…I…I…I…mmmmmean, what are you?”

No response.

A sudden ghast of wind blew through the shower whisking the shower curtain into a frenzy. Chero began to feel a chill and tried to grab the curtain to wrap herself in it. She finally got a hold of the shower curtain and steadily inched across the slippery floor and off to her room. The bathroom door was lying limp, it had been ripped off its hinges.

“What was that?” She thought to herself as the hair at the back of her neck began to stand.

Water began to gush out of the shower again abruptly, she dashed back in. She looked around, then resumed showering in silence. She was quiet and a bit distraught. She smacked herself to see if she was dreaming.