Some websites do look like a 3 year old had a fun day with glitter. Blinding with a rainbow of colours, and then we have the sites that look like thesis statements – bland background and nothing but words. Words are great because they communicate. But in the world we live in with shortening attention spans. You need to offer more than just words, your visitors need a visual ecstasy with your choice of brand colours and audio-visual content.

Your guide in content creation on your website is your brand. Your brand bible determines exactly what direction your brand goes. And that means: what you put in your site, how you write, what kind of visual content goes on and how long it should be. If you don’t have a brand bible, you need to consult a graphic designer to ensure you have that created for you.

First things first, let’s breakdown your brand bible – there is a reason it is called the Bible. It is the beginning and end of your company’s image and perception and further directs communication and marketing strategy. This is what I mean.

The Brand Bible is a guideline on how your brand is handled. This is everything from your logo design to the font type and size you will use, your letterheads, look of your website, personal communications, your brand tone and so on.

Here are a couple of images that should give you an idea of a Brand Bible.


See what I mean. Think of your Brand Bible as the blueprint of your dream home. They direct where the bathroom and toilet will go, how high the walls will be, how many bedrooms you will have and so on. If you get one measurement wrong when building the house, it compromises every other part of the house and it can collapse. Same goes for your brand. If your website, logo or facebook ads do not respect the blueprints of your Brand Bible, you are compromising the integrity of your brand.

I hope that makes sense. What I tell my clients is that before they even develop their websites, the windows of this analogical house. They first need to develop a brand and its corresponding bible. So what is a brand? I am glad you asked. Your answer lies here (link to post).