I know it can be very frustrating when you are setting up your business and all you want is business cards. Nothing else, then some copywriter, like myself, or graphic designer tells you, you need a brand. What?!

I know it sounds complex, but most of the time when I meet clients who are in such a rush to develop a website. I always ask them a few questions:

  1. Why did you start your business?
  2. What is your unique offering?
  3. Why did you choose to offer those products or services specifically?

You see that is the first thing that will tell me if your business will last a year, a few months or an eternity. How? Because I am a magician!

No, not really, because great business focuses on long term market trends and consumer behavior and future needs, meaning you’d rather invest time and money for three months to answer one simple question. WHY SHOULD ANYONE CARE ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS?

Just because you have a business does not mean I am obliged to purchase your product or service. You see, just because we argue that Kenyan unemployment rate is set to rise to 25%. Gasp! Shock! Horror! Self-employment and Entrepreneurship is the answer. Dear Friend not everyone was born to start and run a business.

Opening a kiosk or mobile phone store may give you money, there never is a guarantee. That business you intend to open or have now may not get you out of your cycle of poverty. This is especially so when you start business on the wrong foot. If you want to remain in subsistence and never break even, start a business without a plan other than ‘I will make money’.

Business is more than money and fat salaries. Business is all about value add. What value is your business, through your product or service, adding to your industry or community of operation? That is what you need to answer. If you cannot answer that question it means you have not done your basic research.