Understanding My Body Clock

  I was looking forward to leaving Nairobi for work last week. I left at a civil time for Machakos were I would spend one of two days for work out of town. The first day we arrived in about 90 minutes, we kicked off the interview train, moving across the city and its environs

2019 Reflections – Thinking Out Loud – Health

2019 has been a whirlwind of things. Emotionally I have been ripped to pieces and steadily pieced back together again. The process is still incomplete. I have had conversations with people and myself showing me how much more work I have ahead of me to restore my emotional and mental health. My past has played

The Osborne Effect

The desire to cheat was so strong. But she had seen Sam, chugging down a huge bottle of soda and a burger at his desk. Barbara was at his desk staring right into his eyes, he could barely swallow. But he needed to or he would choke. He swallowed hard, thumping his chest, to assist

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