On the Grind

One vow I made to myself earlier this year, was that I was going to do things differently. I was not going to go back to certain struggles of consultancy. I had grown, ten years in the game, I know better and should do better. I realised that the general challenge of being a consultant

Life Lessons in 2017 – Paul Otieno

Paul is a writer I respect and more so a man with honour. Paul is one of the few people I know who is real and honest. He is always willing to share his insight and offer guidance and support when you call on him. His schedule is insane, but he will make the time


Mogaka the plumber knocked on the door waiting as he looked around. Fancy neighbourhood this time; he was accustomed to unblocking overflown communal toilets in his neighbourhood. A place where people would still try to negotiate on price despite the shitty work, quite literally, that he was left to do and clean up afterward. The

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